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 Upcoming Scrimage with the 2nd ID!!! -2

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PostSubject: Upcoming Scrimage with the 2nd ID!!! -2   Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:52 pm

Your Units Name: 2nd Infantry Division
Your Units Website: www.2nd-infantry.com
Unit CO: Cpt. Morbid [2nd ID]
Unit XO: 1Lt. Sensei [2nd ID]
Unit Liason: 1Lt. Sensei [2nd ID]

Realism Info
Realism Date: Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
Realism Time: 9pm EST, Meeting at 8pm EST
Match Type: Official
Who's server: [2nd ID] Server
Server IP: [2nd ID] 2nd Infantry Division -
Map: dod_santos_b3
Amount Of People: 10v10 expandable to 12vs12

Realism Rules
Weapon Restrictions: x-2-1-1/1-1-1 - x-rifle 2-assault 1-support 1-sniper or 1-mg 1-rocket 1-medic
Weapon Pick-ups: All Pickups
Boosting Rules: No Boosting
Prop Blocking: Breakable props Only
Rifle Nade Rules: Rifle Nade Priming Not Allowed
Mods Allowed(Medic, fadetoblack, realismmod, etc): Medic, sourcemod
Additional Notes: Realistic Spots Only, No Skybox Nades, No Hunting

-Original teams for AvA, last man standing, All Rifles and 1 Auto
-5 Minutes for Defence
-20 Minutes for Attack

Sign ups - We need a minimum of 10 people plus some extras.
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Upcoming Scrimage with the 2nd ID!!! -2
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